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The Top 5 Christmas Dress Code for Women 2014

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Black Sweater Dress

Black Sweater Dress

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Yes, as most women seem to hold it together throughout the year, it is a lot likely that you can get the burden off for a while and take things as it comes – after all, Christmas is just around the block! It’s the time of new beginnings and you can settle for a rather relaxed look that can give cutting-edge results without much fuss. Here’s to the top 5 dress code this Christmas to make you look your absolute best.

  • Anything that stretches and keeps you relaxed is best for the eve. For most parts, you might get snuggled up in a couch watching a movie, and that’s when my friend you’d need the help of a stretchable fabric that keeps you comfortable all the way through. A beautiful stretch body-fit dress might have to be on the top of your list.
  • A chunky black turtleneck sweater – what better time to flaunt a rather outdated style like this, if not for Christmas when the snow is at its peak? A stylish option to keep you covered from the harsh cold, turtlenecks are making a big comeback this time of the year. Wear it as a sweater dress with a pair of tights or stockings and turn heads wherever you go!
  • Sometimes, your look calls for some knee-high or thigh-high boots to edge up those soft corners. To bring a lot of pizzazz and attitude to the table, your staple go-to option this winter would be these boots that make for an indispensable look.
  • If you’ve stacked up more than a handful of midiskirts, only to sleep in your wardrobe, it’s time you let them all out for a fun ride – midiskirts perfectly fit the winter theme, if not, more precisely the Christmas theme! Wear it with an elaborate belt to bring out the edginess.
  • How can one have a great start at Christmas season without a statement coat that screams attention as much as it is demure? Invest in a great statement coat that can enliven your rather simple look without much fuss.

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Have fun shopping!

December 20th, 2014

Cozy Holiday Sweaters from BR!

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Cashmere Drop-shoulder Sweater

Cashmere Drop-shoulder Sweater

When you think of Holiday sweaters, the first thing that pops into your head is the ugly Christmas sweater gifted to you by your well-meaning relatives. Well, time to let that memory fade away, ‘cos these days, sweaters are a lot more than just an accessory to keep you warm in the cold. Sweaters are a fashion statement all by themselves and that’s probably why we have a whole load of runways shows with sweaters dominating the ramp. And, not to forget the many celebrities who have fashionably embraced the trend this winter!

Sweaters are an asset to any woman’s wardrobe and if you live closer to the northern hemisphere, then sweaters are going to be your best friends this season. Sweaters are not just functional, they are also excitingly fashionable! They are a great option to sport underneath jackets and long coats as they add dimension and character to your outfits. In fact, with a few choicy sweaters you can actually revamp your old winter wardrobe from last year or recycle your summer wardrobe and nobody will ever be able to guess how you did it.

The key is to choose the right kind of sweater that fits you just perfectly. For a safe option, you can pick cashmere. It’s soft texture with just the right amount of thickness and the lush colors, make cashmere sweaters a great option for your winter wardrobe revamp!

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December 16th, 2014

Trending: Bling Skirt and Graphic Tee!

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Sequin Mini

Sequin Mini

Every year there’s always something fashionably new just around the Christmas weekend. It could be a new style or a pretty new outfit that everyone seems to be having a crush on. Or, it could be something that always been there, but has now exploded on the fashion front! Can you think of a few such styles that you missed in the past? Well, this year you don’t have to, ‘cos we give you the latest Christmas trends, straight from the ramps!

There’s always an air of mystery and suspense when you mix bright and sweet fashion pieces with the rough ones. Like when you pair the sweetest summer dress with a denim jacket and a pair of boyish black booties – it’s a statement style, but it also gives you an edgy appeal over the others!

Similarly, this year, it’s all about the bling: team a bling (sequined or embellished) skirt with a graphic printed tee shirt to get that timeless glamour. Want some golden bling? Team a gold sequined mini skirt with a black top and black pumps and for a silver sequined skirt, go with a white top and nude high-heel sandals!

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Have fun shopping for the latest Christmas styles at BR!

December 12th, 2014

Third Time’s a Charm!

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Gold Lace Shift

Gold Lace Shift

Everyone knows The Duchess is a royal recycler! Who can blame her? After all, her outfits are stunning, classic and perfect for someone in a position of power and respect. She is hardly seen in something less than classy! In fact, her dresses are so perfect that they sometimes it leave you wondering if they’re from a dream world!

One such beautiful number is Kate Middleton’s alluring teal and navy blue off-shoulder dress from Jenny Packham. The long ball gown features yards of chiffon that seem to float into a mist of fabric when a gust of wind blows by. Another spectacular aspect of the dress is the black velvet belt at the waist; given that Kate has a stunning figure, it comes off as simply elegant. Kate was so impressed with the dress that she wore it thrice, yes thrice!

First, she wore it for a charity gala back in October 2013, held at the Kensington Palace, London. Considering the dress was spectacular by itself, Kate opted for minimal accessories, just a pair of diamond studs, diamond bracelet and her stunning cashmere sapphire engagement ring,

Once again she wore it in February 2014, for a fundraiser at the Portrait Gallery in London. This time, however, she added some sparkle to it – a beautiful statement diamond necklace borrowed from the Queen and matching danglers.

And, last night she was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC dressed in the Jenny Packham number teamed with a pair of statement diamond and emerald earrings and Jimmy Choo Cosmic pumps in black.

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December 10th, 2014

Polos – Man’s Best Friend!

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Luxe-touch Polo

Luxe-touch Polo

Adolfo Cambiaso, known as the world’s best Polo player, is one of the most popular style icons in the world. The 37 year old Polo champion is known for his signature ‘Polo and Jeans’ look – a style that never fails to garner attention.

Initially, polo shirts were just worn by tennis players, ‘cos the soft collar of the shirt never flapped while playing; but later, owing to its comfortable fit and breathable build, polo shirts were preferred by players off the field too. And now, polos shirts have become so popular that they get the first preference for all casual occasions. The reason behind the popularity of polos is that they go along with everything. You can wear them with jeans, khakis, chinos and even shorts. And, if the occasion calls for it, you can pair them with formal dress pants too.

While a polo shirt can make you look really good, there are a lot of ways in which things can go really wrong. Ensure that the fit of the polo is right; the sleeves should just hit your mid-bicep and the shirt should fall just a little below your waist. Next, ‘The Look’: decide whether you are going for a ‘buttoned-up’ or ‘buttoned-down’ look. Stick to the buttoned-up look when you pair your polos with formal dress pants or black pants and when you go with jeans, just leave them unbuttoned for a laid-back style!

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December 9th, 2014

Get Drapey in a Drapey Jumpsuit!

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Drapey Jumpsuit

Drapey Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are one of the most stylish pieces that let you get dressed in a jiffy. Whether you’re in a hurry or you have all the time in the world to get ready, a jumpsuit offers a quick-fix styling solution. Just jump into it, zip it up and you’re all set to go. A Jumpsuit doesn’t require much styling, but if you’re keen on adding some accessories, you can do that too. Take a look at some star styles for inspiration…

Model and fashion designer Kendall Jenner was spotted at the British Fashion Awards on December 1, 2014, dressed in a sexy white jumpsuit from Emilio Pucci. Her stylish suit was simple and elegant and proving that a jumpsuit needs no special accessories, Kendall chose to go minimal with just a black box clutch and a pair of black cage pumps from Christian Louboutin.

Singer and actress Bella Thorne was seen at the LA premiere of the movie Horrible Bosses 2 on November 20, 2014, dressed in a gorgeous pearl white silk cady jumpsuit from Gucci. Bella’s jumpsuit featured a plunging neckline which she accessorized with a number of gold chains. The 17-year old star stole the show in a pair of silver ankle strap sandals and minimal make-up.

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Happy shopping!

December 5th, 2014

How to Look Shabby-chic with Style!

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Red Cable-knit Open Cardigan

Red Cable-knit Open Cardigan

Dressing up for the winter is totally boring, especially around the holiday season! How about we infuse some fun and the right dose of sloppy attitude to your outfit for work? Here’s an idea for you to consider…

Staying shabby-chic is incredibly easy, but it can also go south if you don’t take proper care. You need to choose the pieces carefully. Sweater dress and leggings are great but they scream too casual and weekend. You need to pick a piece that’s simple and easy to style; something that will look good as a standalone piece and does not need much styling.

Take the red cable-knit open cardigan for example; it’s more than just a sweater. It looks like a statement piece all-ready to steal the show by itself. Sweaters and cardigans like this one need very little accessorizing and with little effort, they can look polished, professional and completely relaxed. We would suggest you team this sweater with a pair of Sloan-fit slim ankle pants, a white top and a pair of booties. Add a few accessories to make this look interesting, a pair of colorful drop earrings and a chunky bracelet should do the trick!

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November 30th, 2014

Do it like Dita: Embrace the Midis

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Black Midi Skirt

Black Midi Skirt

Who says you will have to sacrifice midi skirts for the winter? If you are fine with their length, you can look chic and feel cozy without much effort with a cute midi, in any season. Midi skirts have long been associated with conservative fashion, which you will realize is just a myth once you see Dita Von Tesse rocking her style in classic midi skirts. Take a trip or two down memory lane and scroll through the diva’s many looks to find out how you can sway with the midis in style…

  • For a warm day-wear, team your black midi skirt with a V-neck jumper. Be sure to slip into your high-heel pumps for a graceful and sophisticated look. If you wish to add a pop of color to your outfit, carry a bright bag in orange or royal blue.
  • Look classy in a full flared skirt teamed up with a full-sleeve crop sweater. When you are wearing flare, remember to coordinate the colors. Go for something in grey or black as a safe option.
  • When you’re wearing midi skirts, it’s absolutely necessary that you wear high heeled footwear like pumps or stilettos. They add dimension and height to your overall look.
  • Feel free to layer with scarves and jackets for a cozy feel. Add a belt if you’re in the mood to accessorize.

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November 29th, 2014

The Tote Trend

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Ashbury Shearling Tote

Ashbury Shearling Tote

Has Posh always left you feeling envious with all those pretty totes that she carries around? Here’s your chance to flaunt your style with a large tote that not just looks classy, but also has enough space to carry all your important stuff (and not-so-important stuff, too!). The versatility of totes lies in the fact that, irrespective of the season, totes are always in fashion. The trick is to pick the right one and here’s how…

  • A beige bag is a must have in every lady’s wardrobe considering the fact that this is a muted color and it can help you dress down a particularly loud outfit. It looks just fine for your lunch date or office meeting and looks equally good for dinner dates.
  • Instead of going back to black, get a tote in charcoal grey that is subtler than black and goes well with deep colored outfits.
  • A tote in bright color won’t hurt you either. Get one in a trendy yellow or a bold tangerine and you are all set for this season. A pop of color can instantly brighten your plain outfit.

Stock up your wardrobe with diverse and textured totes in various colors and designs, because they are here to stay!

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November 28th, 2014

3 Must-have Winter Accessories You Need to Pick, Now!

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Quilted Tweed Texting Gloves

Quilted Tweed Texting Gloves

There’s always something to celebrate about a new season. To get things going, a new season calls for a whole lot of change. You need to change your working style, your clothes, shoes, coats and even accessories. It is understandable to think that accessories don’t need to be changed with the seasons, but boy, are you in for a big surprise! Accessories contribute a major chunk your outlook and in order for you to stay in fashion all-year long, one of the simplest and least expensive tricks is to invest in a set of great accessories.

Quilted Tweed Texting Glove

Gloves protect you with all devotion and keep you from freezing to death. But it comes with one disadvantage; you cannot text. Consider that problem solved; switch over to quilted tweed texting gloves that feature a soft fabric layer at the thumb that let you text non-stop. These gloves feature a leather palm and have a textured quilted pattern for style and looks.

Leather Stud Bracelet

Now that you already have a pair of leather pants, leather jacket and even a pair of leather gloves in your closet, it’s time to add a leather bracelet to your collection. And, you know you need it! With its metal studs and soft leather layer in the interior, this bracelet can be worn with any casual outfit. You can use this bracelet to set-in a tough-girl image by wearing it with a sloan-fit pencil dress.

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November 28th, 2014