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Blue Striped Open Pleat Skirt

Blue Striped Open Pleat Skirt

Skirts are versatile. They offer the flirty elegance and charm of the dresses but also give you the option to style them up differently to create unique style. There’s only so many ways that you can wear a dress, but with a skirt the styling options are simply aplenty. Check out our hit list of some of the hottest summer skirts!

Jacquard Pencil Skirt: If you’re corporate gal, you probably have a few working pencil skirts in your closet. Blacks, whites and the occasional grays are a few solid colors. But, how about a geometric printed skirt! Printed skirts offer a number of styling options. You can wear them with a plain shirt or with a nice top. You can also experiment with prints and go with a sparsely printed shirt or a top and create a mixed print look a la Olivia Palermo.

Pleated or Fit-and-flare Skirt: Box pleated school uniform skirts offer a trendy youthful look, if you pair them with a plain shirt or a sleeveless floral top. You can also explore your flirty side with a fit-and-flare skirt and wear it with a graphic tee and blazer for an office-ready look.

Striped Skirt: Striped skirts are a wardrobe staple for every woman. Cute blue and white sailor striped skirts can be worn with either blue or white tops, or you can go the extra fashion mile and pair them with a solid maroon or pink top.

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July 30th, 2014

It’s Time to Celebrate the Wrap!

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Gemma Diamond Print Wrap Dress

Gemma Diamond Print Wrap Dress

It’s been 40 years since Diane Von Furstenberg or DVF, as she is called, created a fashion phenomenon with the wrap dress – a sophisticated mix of classy and elegant with equal parts of modern and fashionable. Let’s kick off the 40th year anniversary celebrations of the renowned dress with a look at some of most iconic on-screen moments of the wrap dress.

Actress Cybill Shepherd was the first to sport the dress on-screen in the movie, The Taxi Driver. She wore a sensational red and white geometrically printed dress paired with black strappy kitten heel shoes and a black clutch.

Man of Steel star Amy Adams, sported not one but three iconic wrap dresses in the movie, American Hustle. She wore a black and white geometric printed number, a blue silk jersey wrap dress and a white and green printed wrap dress.

Eva Green, star of Casino Royale has also sported the iconic wrap, a solid red version, in the movie. She teamed her outfit with a pair of black pointed toe pumps and a large red handbag.

Actress Lauren Graham sported a multicolor printed wrap dress in the movie Becasuse I Said So and paired it with a set of black pumps and a gold chain.

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July 30th, 2014

3 Reasons You to Need to Get Kate Upton’s Shorts Right Away!!

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Printed Shorts

Printed Shorts

Leave it to Kate Upton to transform even the simplest piece of garment into a spectacularly stunning outfit!! The supermodel was seen along with her The Other Woman costars Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in Sydney, Australia on April 15th, 2014.

Spotted just a couple of hours after she got off the plane, Kate looked fresh and radiant as ever, in a white shell top with an embellished neckline and a pair of black shorts. She layered her outfit with a collarless J.Brand blazer and sent sparks flying in all directions as she flaunted her toned pins in a pair of black stilettos.

Kate Upton’s shorts style is an unbeatable contender when it comes to comfortable style in the summer and here are three reasons why you too should get yourself a pair of shorts, right away!!!

  1. Black shorts, are just like jeans. In the sense that they can be used to dress up or dress down. You can wear your shorts with shirts or tees for a casual look and with an embellished tee or top for a party girl look.
  2. Shorts provide enough breathing space for your legs and unlike skirts, they are not blown away by the wind.
  3. The popularity of these shorts is on the rise. Women from all age groups starting from 16 to 60 are wearing shorts for the summer.

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July 27th, 2014

Find Your Style at Banana Republic e-stores!

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BR Monogram Ponte Cutout Dress

BR Monogram Ponte Cutout Dress

They say that ‘Clothes maketh a man’. This holds true not just for the men but also for the women. Most often than not, people judge your personality by the kind of apparels you wear, which is why fashion is one of the biggest money-making industry in the world. Whether you’re going for a college interview, a job interview, your first date with your office pal you’ve had a crush on since you joined or for that special day when you get to meet his parents. Clothes can play a very important role in determining how the event turns out.

Take Kate Middleton for example; She loves to dress up in simple silhouettes with a gorgeously feminine appeal. Her style is simple, well groomed, sophisticated and very organized. She is always a picture of perfection and seldom commits any fashion blunders.

Then, there is the trendsetter who is aware of the kind of label suits her and is always spontaneous. Like Blake Lively. Whether she dresses up for a red carpet event or for a simple day out with friends, Blake manages to pull off stunning numbers every single time.

Stars like Cara Delevingne and Rosie Huntington Whiteley have a confident, independent style. These stars opt to create their own styles and rarely follow the fashion trends. These stars love to rock casual outfits but also know how to dress up.

And, there are those like Penelope Cruz and Reese Witherspoon, who have a romantic, empathetic style that borders on sexy and cute. They can pull-off laid-back and adventurous outfits with just the same élan as they would with a designer-branded couture gown.

What’s your style? Do you like to dress up like a princess, aka Kate Middleton or is it Cara’s casual breezy style that you like. Whatever style to choose, find clothes that suit your personality at Banana Republic e-stores.

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July 24th, 2014

Work Up The Shift Dress For Work!

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Halter shift dress

Halter shift dress

The simple, elegant and body-skimming shift dress is a true wardrobe essential and can be highly versatile. You can carry off a variety of looks if you style it the right way. This universally flattering dress with its straight cut and flowy silhouette is very easy to dress up or down. What sets it apart is that it is also a good choice for rustling up many work-ready looks. Here are a few tips on how to get those looks with this 60’s inspired dress…

 1)    Make a statement with this dress in a formal style by teaming it up with a pair of neutral pumps and elegant accessories.

2)    Pair a sleeveless shift dress with a structured blazer in basic or neutral colors and add a skinny belt for a conservative formal look.

3)    If you wanna go for a semi-formal look, choose a floral printed shift dress with bright colors and wear it with a pair of tights, throw on a cardigan or a jacket.  You can also play it up by adding a scarf around your neck.

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July 23rd, 2014

Standing Tall!

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Hyde oxford

Hyde oxford

Each of us want to stand out tall and handsome. But did you know that there are some clothing items that make us look smaller and wider? On the positive note, there are also apparel styles that elongate your figure. Here are a few tips -

  1. Don’t wear flat shoes – A simple rule that alludes to a pretty useful tip of practically adding height in the form of chunky heels or even inserts provided that you don’t have to remove them in front of other people.
  2. Streamline your look – It’s all in the visual aspect as you could create a perfect illusion by avoiding all forms of visual clutter like big watches that distracts from the upward eye movement of the viewer.
  3. Monochromatic theme – Avoid highly contrasting colors and opt for darker shades and in case you wear two different shades, remember to weight the darker shade towards your bottom half which helps in the illusion.
  4. Go for vertical patterns – Vertical stripes impart a slim look to the person by inducing a height perception by making our eyes look upwards as opposed to horizontal stripes which give an impression of broadness.
  5. Avoid loose fitting wear

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July 21st, 2014

Glittery Sequence!!!

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Silver Sweatshirt Dress

Silver Sweatshirt Dress

French actress and singer, Marion Cotillard is a pro when it comes to dressing up for the red carpet. She has a very subtle and elegant style of putting together pieces that she can just pull out from her closet and still look like a million bucks.

The Inception actress was seen at the Two Days, One Night photo call at the Cannes Film Festival in France on May 20, 2014. She looked stunning in a glittery sequin encrusted Maison Martin Margiela sheath in a dizzying array of colors that may not have worked for everyone. But, the Oscar winning actress broke all rules and set new records in her stunning new glittery avatar coupled with a pair of black peep toe booties.

And, just when you though you’ve had enough of her glittery charm for one day, she stunned in another sequined outfit the same day. She wore a tiered Christian Dior white sheath with an asymmetrical hem, accessorized with a crystal encrusted chain necklace and blue ribbon accented booties. Marion’s dress had a very elegant sequin detailing at the back giving it a gorgeous finish!

Marion Cortillard isn’t the only star lining up the glittery sequence. There are other Cannes veterans such as Blake Lively, Julianne Moore, Frieda Pinto, Amber Heard and Petra Nemcova who also captivated the Cannes red carpet in shimmering outfits.

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July 20th, 2014

In a Class of Its Own- Jackets!

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Suit Jacket

Suit Jacket

You’ve got it made if you have a stack of jacket options in your wardrobe. The sartorial brilliance of a well-tailored jacket would do wonders to your style and helps your confidence a great deal. What is that which makes a jacket such a reliable choice for a man? You can say it’s just a case of straightforward fashion logic!

The classic men’s jacket is a cool wardrobe piece. You can pair a well tailored jacket with polished shoes and clean, ironed trousers and voila, you’ve got yourself a solid look that is sure to work its charm.

The jacket is a pretty awesome piece of clothing that instantly imparts a slimmer look. A decently tailored fit tapers a bit above your waist and evens out your stomach and hips. The narrowed midsection gives you the image of a person who is fitness conscious.

It might be hard catching up on your gym hours but trust a jacket to add some extra weight around the shoulders which surely makes it all the more impressive and masculine. The thickness around the shoulders adds a decent amount of height on its own but what it does for the wearer is that it draws the viewer’s eyes upward to make you look taller.

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July 14th, 2014

Stripes, Checks and Dots – The Olivia Palermo Way!

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embellished striped tank

embellished striped tank

It’s the couture fashion week at Paris and that means you’ll be seeing a lot of Olivia Palermo. But, it’s not just her front row style you should look forward to; the lady also knows how to take street style to a whole new level. When she steps out of the door, whether she’s walking her pet or going for a red carpet event, every outfit is a statement in itself.

Here is a recent outfit that you can try. The fashionista showed the right way to do prints and patterns while out on the streets recently. She wore a sequined, striped Tibi top, layered with a polka-dot Tibi blouse and tucked them in a pair of high-waist checkerboard Zara shorts. She took the pattern play level even higher with a black and white patterned clutch. Green Aquazurra pumps gave the perfect finishing touch to the striped, checked and dotted look.

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To try your own version of Olivia’s fun pattern play style, shop for the embellished striped tank and the soft-wash dot oxford shirt. Wrap up the look with a pair of the Hampton-fit multi-striped shorts and sizzling sandals in green.

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July 10th, 2014

Kate Middleton Stuns in an Aqua-Green Chequered Dress!

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Blue Print Pleated Dress

Blue Print Pleated Dress

The Duchess of Cambridge has proved many-a-times that she is an expert when it comes to dressing for the occasion. She is a fashion icon and inspiration to women all over the world, not just for her pretty looks or fashionable clothes but for amazing ability to hold her own among the royals. Kate is undoubtedly one of the most popular princesses among the British masses for her earthiness and simplicity.

Recently she was spotted at the Royal Box at the Wimbledon Tennis Stadium, along with her husband and Prince of Wales, Prince William, for the men’s final match between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, on July 6, 2014. The match proved to be quite an entertainer for the young royal couple for they were both spotted enjoying the face-off between the two top seeded tennis players.

The 33-year old stunner dressed her part in a beautiful aqua-green and blue chequered dress designed by Jonathan Saunders. The dress featured a slimming silhouette and a simple belt that accentuated Kate’s thin figure and showed off her slender waist. She paired this modest dress with a simple nude clutch and a pair of nude pumps.

The Duchess further accessorized this gorgeous outfit with a pair of oversized sunglasses and her blue sapphire wedding rock. She also wore a pair of white danglers and her trusted Cartier watch, a gift from her husband.

Do you love Kate’s modest style? Then, it’s time for you to dress up just like your favorite royalty with an almost similar blue printed pleated dress from Banana Republic e-stores. This dress features an array of multi-hue rectangles printed in a vertical fashion and comes with a tie-front belt that adds to its simplistic charm. Be sure to team it with a pair of nude or black pumps and a matching clutch to get Kate’s to-go look.

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July 8th, 2014