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Jennifer Lopez Brings Bling to the Streets!

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Sequin-Front Tank

Sequin-Front Tank

When it’s much likely that people tend to keep on full-on blingy sequin attire off the streets, seeing a celebrity clad in an all-gold sequin embellished short-sleeve top is a rather unlikely vision.

JLo was spotted as she stepped out to film ‘Hollywood Week’ of American Idol yesterday, October 29, 2014 wearing a glamorous gold embellished top paired with black culotte pants. She kicked things up a notch as she dabbed on bold red lipstick and tied up a top bun for a bit of an edge. Seems she really knows the knack of bringing together non-cohesive styles just perfectly for an impressive statement look.

Now that you’ve seen the Latina flaunt such a commendable look, it’s time you pick your speed to match her fashion pace.

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October 30th, 2014

Stars in Banana Republic Outfits!

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Sloan-Fit Zip Pant

Sloan-Fit Zip Pant

There could be dozen, or even more that you could run short of numbers trying to take count of celebrities wearing refined and polished styles from Banana Republic. But, here’s our best effort in compiling the looks of three most stylish icons that keep it real as it gets and mean serious business in the industry.

  • Jessica Alba, the actress known for her keen fashion sense was spotted strolling across the street in Beverly Hills. This 30-year-old star looked all sleek and posh in a beautiful Banana Republic black and white striped cowl-neck sweater. Though she paired it up with a pair of simple jeans, Jessica looked the part of the woman that every other girl there is would want a piece of!
  • Heidi Klum who has been associated with Banana Republic in the past where the store will be the lead sponsor of Project Runway, a show in hosted by this very supermodel was spotted wearing Banana Republic belt in one her magazine photo shoots.
  • Further upping the ante is Olivia Palermo who not once but twice was spotted wearing pants from BR. Once in a pair of pants from Sloan collection at the Elie Saab haute couture show and then in leopard print pants at a fashion show.

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October 29th, 2014

Vamp Up Your Look With Lace LBD

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Lace Overlay Sheath

Lace Overlay Sheath

Much has been said about the famous LBD. It has stayed a wardrobe staple through the highs and lows of fashion trends. Spotted on celebrities on and off the screen, this teeny little outfit has indeed gained iconic status.

The lace LBD is version 1.1 of the Little Black Dress. A sheer piece of lace layered above the bodice adds a dash of élan to the outfit. Dresses designed with lace sleeves perfectly blend elegance with glam.

German beauty Diane Kruger was a vision for sore eyes while attending ‘The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Hollywood Costume Opening Party in Los Angeles, this month. The 38-year-old actress showed off her toned pins in Elie Saab black lace mini dress as part of their spring 2014 collection. She topped it off with Osman black blazer and finished the look with a pair of Sophia Webster sandals. Now that’s how you should pull off the much coveted lace look; in this case thankfully, Diane laid it all too wide across for everyone to watch and learn!

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October 27th, 2014

‘Tis the Season of Gifts – Shop Affordable Yet Awesome Gift Ideas for Him at Banana Republic!

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Cable-Knit Italian Wool Cardigan

Cable-Knit Italian Wool Cardigan

Just 2 months to go for the biggest celebration of the year!!

Christmas is a festival that has its own special meaning to everybody. Kids look forward to it for gifts and Santa, foodies for the yummy baked goods, parents for the family get-togethers and for the couples – it’s the season of love and special times “under the mistletoe”!

Have a hunky man in your life who treats you nothing less than a princess? Shower him with love and gifts this Christmas. And, you won’t have to worry about the bill if you shop at Banana Republic. This e-store has apparel that’s not only affordable and stylish but, also comes up with great discounts every other day to help you shop for less.

  • Giving him cold-weather accessories like the fleece tech gloves, scarves and slippers will show him that you care that he stays warm.
  • Getting him a fuzzy Christmas sweater like the cable-knit Italian wool cardigan is a great way to make sure he styles up festive! He can wear it for upcoming Christmases too!
  • There’s a saying that goes, “Inside every man is a little boy” which seems quite right. So, get him tee’s with his favorite superheroes prints on them!
  • The military look has got a huge following in the world of fashion – runways, street styles and blogs. Get him updated with this stylish wear with the wool-blend military style jacket.
  • Or, go for an outerwear! No man can resist a nice, wool blend outerwear that reminds him of his good ol’ days and puts in the macho factor to his casual outfits.

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October 23rd, 2014

Great Catch: Halle Berry’s New Short Hair Look!

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Chiffon Halter Dress

Chiffon Halter Dress

With a beauty that can’t be matched, Halle Berry, the latest mom on the list of celebrities to have birthed babies, made heads turn with her latest look on the red carpets. And as with the new moms out there waiting to make a banging comeback with a killer look, here’s how you do it the Halle Berry way!

Some resort to one-of-a-kind designer outfits for comebacks while some get back in shape for the ultimate entry. But, here’s Halle Berry trying to make big impressions with nothing but just a haircut. Now that may seem a little mellow, but when it comes to turning heads, her new found bob-cut look did make the cut in a rather overwhelming way! Let’s take a look.

Halle Berry was spotted at the Eighth Annual God’s Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards Gala at Spring Studios in Manhattan on October 16 donning a fresh look with a new hair cut. Hanging in soft loose waves, her much anticipated look didn’t disappoint us; as a matter of fact, it felt like it was meant to be as she looked ravishing and glowing. Need we say, the hair chop did cut down on a few years off her face!

So, for the new moms out there, you’ve got all the reasons to be happy about. Your best look yet is just a haircut away, like Halle’s!

While you explore with the new haircut, make sure you pick the right outfit to increase the impact by many a fold. Skim through the range of stunning outfits at BR and you’ll never look back!

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October 22nd, 2014

Hair Care for Winter!

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Shirred Dress

Shirred Dress

Caring for your hair can be very difficult with the changing season. One minute it’s so warm and sunny that you can just wash your hair, leave it damp and trust the sun to take care of your lovely locks. But winter is not so kind. First, comes the damp weather that makes your hair cloggy and then there’s the rain and the snow. So, here we bring you a list of tips to care for your hair this winter season…

  1. Opt for sulfate-free formula – this means that your shampoo might not form as much lather as the one bought off your local drugstore shelf but when it comes to caring for your hair, this works like none other. You see, lather isn’t always fun. More the lather, more the chemicals in your hair and more the damage! So, this winter shop for a shampoo and conditioner that has less sulfates.
  2. Love a hot shower? So does your hair? But once you’re done with the hot shower, turn on the cold water and rinse your hair with cold water. This seals off the pores in your head and reduces hair fall and damage.
  3. Never step out of your home without drying your hair. Use a hair dryer and run it at a moderate temperature that’s not too hot to damage your hair. Part your hair into sections and dry each section individually; Once you’re done, clip the dry hair away from the wet hair to avoid damp hair.

While we bring you more tips and tricks for your hair, clothes and make-up, you keep yourselves busy shopping for the right outfits to go with your lustrous hair.

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October 20th, 2014

A Perennial Fall Favorite – Plaid Skirt

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Tweed Plaid Pencil Skirt

Tweed Plaid Pencil Skirt

It’s is not just one, but so many qualities that makes the ‘plaid’ so popular. Originating from the Scottish hills of UK, the plaid skirt was actually designed as a costume for men. But with the gender lines transcending all barriers women have begun to experiment with this trend too. A plaid skirt is stylish and offers a certain rugged charm unlike no other. It’s so popular that designers flooded the runway with plaids at the New York Fall Fashion launch 2014. Plaids have been adapted in every form, design and color, but the one version that never leaves the fashion scene is the plaid skirt, especially pleated ones.

Pleated plaid skirts may seem a bit old-school but, the chic quotient it offers is a huge draw. According to popular trends and fashion magazines, fall has an outburst of the plaids. So, now is your time to get your hands on a plaid skirt. If you’re worried about styling options, here a few styles to try out….

For a biker babe look, pair a dark-colored pleated plaid skirt with a simple white tee and layer it with a leather jacket. Team it with a pair of black booties and gold bracelets and statement rings.

For a party-ready look, pair a short plaid skirt with a loose-fitting sequined black top and a pair of matching stilettos. Accessorize with a pair of fishnet stocking and killer pumps. Smoky eye make-up and a statement necklace will nicely complement this look.

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October 14th, 2014

To Take Things in your Stride!

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Sloan Sheath

Sloan Sheath

Well, to get picked on for being curvy has almost become a way of life for some. But, it’s all in the way you take it – either take it in your stride or leave it to turn out into your worst nightmare. Well, for the former lot, you could start by wishing to get yourselves to look jaw-dropping this coming festive season. While some resort to gulping down on delicious meals during celebrations, you could probably be a real winner to have taken the wiser decision to eat right and stay healthy!

While you make your way to look all fit and fabulous this festive season, you have a rather exciting inspiration to keep you focused to reaching your target without any compromise.

Banana Republic, the megachain store has housed a beautiful collection of styles that promise to deliver on the high-posh factor while maintaining great quality. And trust us for that matter, these styles are just enough to pull you through all along without distractions. After all, it’s your inner calling to look your best, no matter what!

Or, even better, to make things easy, you might just want to pick a style and workout with all you’ve got to fit in that attire and look beyond words. If you choose to follow the latter, here’s more information before you get your hands on a style. Make sure you shop between today, October 10, 2014 and October 13, 2013 to save a whopping 40% off your purchase. Once you’re through shopping, enter the valid Banana Republic online coupon code BRTHANKS at checkout to redeem the discount. Have a great time shopping with Banana Republic online coupons! Cheers to being fab!!

October 10th, 2014

Fashion Revived: Mean Girls!

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Box Pleat Skirt

Box Pleat Skirt

The teen comedy-drama Mean Girls needs no special introduction. This movie has gained somewhat of an iconic status with a cult fan following, thanks to its sensitive portrayal of the struggles of a teenage girl in dealing with peer-pressure and high-school memes. Apart from these, the movie is famous for one other reason – its fashion. It may be almost a decade since we saw and loved the lead stars, Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams in the movie, nevertheless, the styles portrayed in this sensational hit are still popular and always in vogue. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic dresses from the film.

Cady Heron: Played to perfection by Lohan, the 16-year old’s wardrobe underwent a drastic change from loose fitting long tee shirts and ill-fitting jeans to short flounce skirts and fitting tops as she joins the ‘Plastics’. The pretty baby-pink pleated mini skirt and pastel blue tee top, worn by her in a scene is nothing short of epic in terms of fashion; likewise, the cute tank top labeled ‘Rebel’ and the matching black and white polka dot mini skirt is also quite fashionable even today.

Regina George: Rachel McAdams, who played the role, got one of the best wardrobes in movie history ranging from cute printed pencil skirts, tank top and pretty gowns. In the movie’s poster, she can be seen dressed in a pretty pink box-pleated skirt and a white tank top layered with a matching pink full-sleeve cardigan. Cute, hot and sensational, now that’s a style to go for!

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October 9th, 2014

Crazy about Burgundy!

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Crepe Foldover Skirt

Crepe Foldover Skirt

This summer was in full-bloom with a myriad of colors, but for fall we’ve muted down to a few basics; and, one of those basics is burgundy. It’s neither too dark, nor too soft; but just the perfect shade of red that’s great for the cold months. Read to find out more ways to do the burgundy…

Burgundy and leather share one of the most unlikely friendships in fashion. Have you ever paired burgundy leather pants with a cream top or a burgundy leather blouse with a black pencil skirt? It works! Plain and simple! And, that’s probably why the combination is so famous even on the ramp!

Burgundy and leopard print also share a similar friendship, in the sense that, they pair exceptionally well. Yes, leopard prints are wild and so is burgundy, but somehow, the combination works miracles. Infuse neutral blacks into this combination and you’re all set to take the crown as the next happening street style star.

What do you think about pairing burgundy with prints? Classic prints like polka dots, paisley, floral prints et al work great with burgundy. Use it as a top or a bottom and pair it with similar pieces to perfect this combination.

Are you ready to explore your fashion horizon with burgundy? Checkout the collection of dresses, skirts, tops, sweaters, jackets and more at Banana Republic and pick out all the pieces that catch your fancy; ‘cos you get a fabulous 30% discount on your purchase if you shop today, October 8, 2014. To claim the offer, simply enter the Banana republic coupon code BRSHOPNOW at checkout. Have fun shopping with Banana Republic online coupons!

October 8th, 2014